Always Waggin' Boarding Kennel Services

With almost 30 years in pet boarding behind us, the professionals that run Always Waggin’ Boarding Kennel have unequaled experience and make us the logical first choice for anyone seeking a kenneling service.

We are based in a quiet countryside location near the small town of Lakeville, Indiana. If dogs and other pets need uplifting then we offer a pickup service for a distance based fee. We attract many customers from the nearby area including the communities of South Bend, Laporte, Plymouth and Mishawaka and Granger.

Pet Care and Kennels in Lakeville, Indiana

Every dog or other pet we look after here gets personal attention, we treat them all like they were our own. Reservations are required with no deposits needed and all clients are welcome to come over and inspect the premises to ensure their pet will be happy and safe with us. A visit will put your mind at rest. We always provide food, water, blankets, toys, and love at NO ADDITIONAL cost. Always Waggin’ Boarding Kennel is dedicated to providing loving & safe pet boarding services for all of your furry friends. 

Take a look inside & out at Always Waggin' Boarding Kennel

Other than dogs and cats, we accept any pet that is suitable for the wide open spaces we have at Always Waggin’ Boarding Kennel. That includes rabbits, ferrets and other common household pets. We do guarantee that no pets will be kept in the same kennel as animals they did not arrive with.

The price for a dog is $20 a night and cats $15 a night. There are no hidden fees or additional fees and we pride ourselves on offering a fair and competitive pricing structure that our competitors cannot rival.

**Please note that all animals visiting our facilities must have their Rabies, Distemper, and Boardetella vaccines prior to their stay.